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The following statement is issued on behalf of the YES for Belmont Campaign and can be attributed to Nicole Dorn, Campaign Manager, YES for Belmont.

“Our campaign to pass Question 1, the Proposition 2 1/2 override has fallen short. We are disappointed in the outcome of the election, but respect the will of the voters. We also congratulate the No Override Now campaign for their success.

“As Belmontonians, we are deeply concerned for the future of our town. Our elected leaders, the professionals who oversee our budget and numerous committees who have made a study of the Town’s finances have indicated that Belmont residents should expect a rough road ahead in the coming years, as our structural budget deficit grows and cuts deeper into critical town and school services. An override that is both larger and more costly than the one proposed this year will be needed in the very near future to stave off deeper and truly crippling cuts to education, public safety, the library and other critical town services.  

“We are proud of the campaign that we ran and want to say thank you to the many individuals who gave this cause their support. It was truly inspiring to see so many members of our community – from Belmont High School students to parents and seniors – come together in support of the override over the past few months. In the end, we were not successful. However, we hope the work we did this year will lay a foundation for a successful campaign at some point in the not-distant future.”

–Nicole Dorn, Campaign Manager, YES for Belmont

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