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The following letter to the editor appeared in the online edition of the Belmont Citizen Herald on March 11.

We are writing to urge Belmont voters to support the override vote on April 6.

We are in a stage of life where perhaps this is not important. Our kids are “grown and flown,” so should we really care so much about the schools and rec programs? While our careers are starting to wind down, we are not ready to downsize, and we are not yet senior citizens, do we need to support programs for seniors? Do we really need to address town-wide issues now if they can wait a couple more years?

The answer to all these is “yes.”

Our family members have served on the School Committee, Warrant Committee, Town Meeting, PTAs, sports teams, school music support groups, and more. We see up close what various segments across the town need and how seriously our paid officials and volunteer committee members take their roles representing our community’s interests.

Throughout our tech careers we’ve known that data rules. But we also know that emotions drive us all. Of course we can cherry-pick items we don’t like about how the town or schools are run. In our 25 years living here, we feel that Belmont officials continue to wisely and effectively spend our money to deliver services to make this a place we want to continue living and supporting.

As we emerge from the effects of COVID-19, solid support will be more important than ever for our students and municipal services. With this plan for our financial health, we can meet both this immediate need and our wide-ranging needs into the future.

Please join us in voting yes to support Belmont.

John and Dorothy Bowe, Elizabeth Road

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