Kathleen Crowley and Chris Abouzeid, Belmont parents and the owners of Belmont Books

The owners of Belmont Books, Kathleen Crowley and Chris Abouzeid, issued the following endorsement of the override.

As local business owners, Belmont residents, and parents of a Chenery student and two Belmont High School graduates, we support a “Yes” vote for the tax override on April 6th. Belmont taxpayers need relief, but their best chance to get it is by drawing more businesses to Belmont, not by reducing services. To do that, Belmont needs to maintain its reputation as a great place to raise a family. That means continuing to provide a top-tier education, a strong public library, up-to-date public services and affordable housing. It’s these “home town” qualities that will keep existing families in Belmont and draw new ones in, making the town attractive to new businesses and allowing it to expand its tax base beyond the limitations of property values.


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