YES for Belmont Statement on Tuesday’s  election results

Our campaign to pass Question 1, the Proposition 2 1/2 override has fallen short. We are disappointed in the outcome of the election, but respect the will of the voters. We also congratulate the No Override Now campaign for their success. Read more…

Election Day is here. Remember to vote YES on Question 1!!

After months of hard fought campaigning, Election Day is here in Belmont. If you haven’t already voted, today is the day.  Polls are open from 7 AM to 8PM. Check out our blog post which has information on polling locations! And remind your friends to vote, also! 


Voting YES in April will preserve our schools, library and senior services. 

How much? Why now? Answers to the most common questions about the override.

Why vote yes? Sign up to attend an information session and learn what voting YES will mean for Belmont.

We are looking for volunteers like you to help get the word out!

Have you fallen for these “Alternative Facts”about the override?

Belmont voters are being targeted with distortions and bad information. Check out our fact sheet before you vote! Read more…

Many Paths to YES for Belmontonians

There are many ways to get to YES. In letters, Belmont residents explain why they’re planning to vote “YES” on Question 1 on April 6th.

We Have A Moral Obligation To Ensure Equity Across Generations

“I am voting for the override to ensure that the current and future generation of Belmont families and students can have the same experience that my children had…We have a moral obligation to ensure equity across the generations.”  Read more.
-Ariane Breitenbach Frank , Oakley Road

I’m Angry and I’m Voting for the Override Anyway

“Through our votes for School Committee, Town Meeting, and Select Board and our engagement with our elected officials, we can express our righteous anger, insist on better local government, and fund services that are essential to our quality of life without hurting the ones we love the most.” Read more.
— Jeff Liberty

Voting “YES” is fiscally responsible.

“I plan to vote for the $6.4 million override this April. I believe it’s financially wise, it maintains service levels while adding some improvements at reasonable cost, and it’s part of a strategy that will best contain the property tax increases that are putting a strain on some of our residents.” Read more.
— Jason Ketola, C Street

Watch the League of Women Voters’ override debate

YES for Belmont’s Nicole Dorn squared off against override opponent Bill Anderson as part of the League of Women Voters’ Candidates Night debates ahead of this April’s election. Watch their debate!

Did you know..

The facts on federal funding and  Belmont’s budget

Belmont is set to receive federal funds to help with recovery from the COVID pandemic. That’s great news! But did you know that almost all of the $7.6m in ARP funding coming to Belmont is restricted or needed for COVID-related expenses? Most cannot be used to cover operating expenses.  Learn more…

Ralph Jones: “Please join me in voting yes.” 

The COVID pandemic and economic downturn have created serious problems for our most vulnerable residents. Nevertheless, if we hope to have a local government that can assist its residents, the override is needed.” – Ralph Jones, former Select Board, School Committee and Warrant Committee member.

News and Events

The latest news and endorsements from the YES for Belmont campaign and information about events going on around town.


Officials for the Town and the Belmont Public Schools on Thursday warned of deep cuts in services should a $6.4 million Proposition 2 ½ override fail at the ballot box in April.


Who is YES for Belmont? More than 300 residents from across Belmont have declared their support for the campaign and plan to vote YES for the Proposition 2 1/2 override in April. 


Kathleen Crowley and Chris Abouzeid, Belmont parents and the owners of  Belmont Books,  endorsed the April override. “Belmont needs to maintain its reputation as a great place to raise a family. That means continuing to provide a top-tier education, a strong public library, up-to-date public services and affordable housing.”


What are Belmont residents thinking and saying about the arguments for and against the Proposition 2 1/2 override? Here are some perspectives from YES for Belmont supporters. 

Life Lessons in Community Support

Belmont’s Jess Hausman writes about voting YES. “Our schools are on a precipice. Children depend on us to make sure they have the resources they need to thrive. Remember, someone voted for you to get what you needed in school. You can be that person. Our kids are counting on us to get this right.”

Despite Everything, I am voting YES

Belmont’s Charlie Conroy writes about the need for Belmont to come together and invest in our future as a community. “This override is not a referendum on the past 12 months. It is a vote for our future. I am voting ‘yes,’ despite my frustrations with the town and schools over the past 12 months.”

A Cross-Generational Commitment to Belmont

Capital Budget Committee member Becky Vose talks about the importance of continuing Belmont’s long tradition of investing in its public schools. “I want the children currently in school here to have the same chance for a quality education and all the experiences that lay a solid foundation for adulthood. “

Protest Votes will only hurt Our Children

“A ‘no’ vote to make a point that you’re upset with the schools ignores the very real pre-pandemic needs of our students,” writes Heather Rubeski, a Belmont resident and mother of three Belmont Public Schools students.