We Need Your Help

Belmont needs your help to get a YES vote and build the 7-12 school. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Lots of people think the project is already approved. It’s not. Voters need to agree to fund it.
  • We all live in an echo chamber. Our friends support it. but MANY others don’t. We need to find undecided voters and talk to them.
  • Many voters are not familiar with local issues. We need to inform them about the importance of a YES vote.

Please sign up now for a fun (little) job.


Our campaign is built on conversations: The ones Belmont residents have with each other. It’s the best way Yes for Belmont advocates can explain the value of the Belmont 7-12 School to other voters.

One of the central ways we generate these conversations is through door-to-door canvassing. Over the next several weeks, Yes for Belmont volunteers will fan out across town, knocking on doors and talking to their fellow citizens. Turnout for the midterms election could be historically high on November 6, and we have to make sure voters go to the polls knowing the strong case for the Belmont 7-12 School.

Canvassing is fun, energizing, and empowering. It’s democracy in action. And anyone can do it. Would you like to join us? Here are the major weekend days for our campaign’s face-to-face canvassing.

  • October 13-14
  • October 20-21
  • October 27-28
  • November 3

You can sign up for canvassing by sending email to Peter Dizikes, at peterdizikes@gmail.com. Send any questions you may have as well.

See you on the streets of Belmont this month!