Thursday October 25th and Friday October 26th, 9:15am
Thursday November 1st and Friday November 2nd, 9:15am

Grab coffee, then stroll to vote at Town Hall, then stroll down to the high school and back.

Let’s take a stroller walk where you can ask me questions about the great 7-12th grade school (ballot question 4), stop at Town Hall for early voting and grab a coffee. In the process, maybe we can all make new friends As a parent of a preschooler and toddler, I’ve found it can be hard to keep up with town issues and wrangle the kids with me to vote, so I plan to use early voting at Town Hall. I’ll be voting Yes on Question 4 because the proposed 7-12th grade Middle and High School actually helps kindergartners the most. It eliminates overcrowding across ALL 6 schools: Elementary schools would switch from k-4 to k-3; Chenery middle school would switch from 5-8th to 4-6th grade. I’d love to tell you more or answer any questions over coffee!


November 6th, 7am-8pm

Find your precinct:

  • Precinct 1 Belmont Memorial Library (336 Concord Ave)
  • Precinct 2 Belmont Town Hall (455 Concord Ave)
  • Precinct 3 Beech Street Center (266 Beech St)
  • Precinct 4 Daniel Butler School (90 White St)
  • 5 Beech Street Center (266 Beech St)
  • 6 Belmont Fire Headquarters (299 Trapelo Rd)
  • 7 Mary Lee Burbank School (266 School St)
  • 8 Winn Brook School (97 Waterhouse Rd)