An important ballot question for Belmont voters on Tuesday, November 6 is whether Belmont residents will invest in education and vote ‘yes’ to build a new 7-12 grade school.  We will be ‘yes’ voters.  

We have lived in Belmont for over 40 years and our children went through the public schools.  Even when our youngest graduated from Belmont High, years ago, it was obvious that a new school building was needed.  The existing space was inadequate for a 21st century education and the building systems were already at the end of their useful lives.  

Now, with the huge increase in the number of students throughout the school system, it is clear that in order to provide an adequate education for all Belmont’s children we must not only build a new high school but also address serious overcrowding.  The ballot question solves this critical need in one project by providing new learning space that will accommodate all Belmont’s 7th and 8th grade students.  

We appreciate the hard work that went into the current building proposal and that the state will be contributing a significant percentage of the cost.  The alternative, if the ballot question fails, is to spend even more money to address each school’s issues with no funding help from the state.

While we will have no children in a new school, we know that a ‘yes’ vote is the right thing for us to do as residents of the exceptional town we call home. 

Steve Klionsky and Gail Mann
Payson Road