Dialogue and Q&A with current Belmont High School Students

October 25, 7:00-8:30pm

At the home of Linda and Jeff Levin-Scherz
75 Woodbine Road, Belmont

Event Organized by Mil Niepold Pierce and Holly Muson

Space is limited. Please RSVP to info@YESforBelmont.org

Event Host Committee

Liz Albert
Kate Ascione
Rachel Berger
Joan Beron
Dot Bowe
John Bowe
Carol Burt
Kimberly Carlile
Angela Chan
Lauren Crocker
Julie Crockett
Ginny D’Arbeloff
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Chris Doyle
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Radha Iyengar
Juliet Jenkins
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Sara Masucci
Jeanne Mooney
Holly Muson
Dave Nuscher
Megan Pickette
Lance Pierce
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Donna Ruvolo
Heidi Sawyer
Ellen Schreiber
David Searls
Eric Smith
Susan Smith
Paul Sorkin
Eric Steinert
Heidi Steinert
David Stievater
Greg Stone
Mary Stone
Dave Sullivan

Our town is facing an important decision. Being well informed is key. But how much do we all really know about what it is like, day in and day out, to try and learn, grow and thrive in the current Belmont High School?

Hear firsthand what students think about how their school environment affects how they see and prepare for their next steps; what’s working, what isn’t and what they wish for future students. Please join us for a discussion with BHS students about their current reality. We especially encourage you to bring neighbors or friends who have questions and/or concerns.